Blue : 50 Shades Color

She was in love with blue. Her character was not in sync with the love of her color. She was bright, gullible, lovely had an aura of her own. She was vibrant in nature and adorned an infectious smile all the time. Being with her you can forget the blues, be it weekend or Monday blues. She was life of a party and full of life.

But, with all that smiles and laughs she hid her trait and pain. She hid her blues. Her pain was her strength because she cried through the pain in the nights. She laughed all through the days because she shouted for help during the nights. She smiled all the time, because she was sleepless with scary thoughts.
She had imprints of that blue night, when she was stripped and raped. Her integrity and respect was torn apart.

She lived her life then she wanted. She was passionate about herself and her friends and family. One scary night, when she was on her way home she saw the worst nightmare she could. She was kidnapped, tortured and raped by some goons. She was strong hence she tried level best to fight for her dignity, her life and for herself. But she was alone and helpless that time. She suffered all the injuries, she suffered the night. She was abandoned on the road when the night was gone and day was about to arrive. She opened her eyes and saw blue skies. She was in pain and her body was numb. She had bruises and all were blue. She was in shock and yet she loved blue. She had lived through all that blues, but she accepted those blues, embraced those blues hence she loved Blue.

Even now you meet her, she is all about blue. But her blue has a deep meaning which we cannot notice. It was Her Blue.


Red: 50 Shades Colors

There was silence everywhere. Not a single sound. Room was locked and no one outside.
She was sitting in the balcony, lost in thoughts; the balcony was her favorite place in the house. Staring at the horizon, pondering and contemplating. She had been doing this since quite a few months. This is not her; she was vivacious, chirpy and full of zeal. Earlier she used to play with the hair when wind used to blow through the hair when she sat in the balcony, but now, even the wind through her hair doesn’t bother her. She stood unperturbed, lost in thoughts. Minutes flew, hours past, her husband came. He tried to have a conversion with her, asking about usual whereabouts but she dint answer. She just sat there, all silent and misplaced. Busy in the routine he did not notice the red shade which colored his balcony.
Sunset was over, it was way past the dusk, and stars lit the sky. Not a single word till now from her. When he entered to inquire, all he saw was Shades of Red, blood all over the place. Bloody balcony it was now. She cut her wrist and sat there to drowse. She left just like the evening hues left the sky.
She was obsessed with red color. She loved everything that was red. Bags, shoes, clothes, she had almost everything in red. For her, every emotion and feeling had a color, love, anger and rage was red. Peace, serenity was white but her problems did not have any color, so she painted them red with her blood. She had to own the problems and everything she owned had to be of red color.

Time to Bid Adieu 2014


Yes, it the end of the year, Year 2014.

That time of the year, when you plan holidays, you plan New Year eve celebrations and list out New Year resolutions. All are busy in making plans, but you need to take some time out. Have a small time out, with time out I mean, just few hours to retrospect. Look back over the year 2014.

Those 365 days which are about to get over had a great significance in your life. If you ponder a little, you can list out various things which made this year special. The recital can consists of various items from achieving a goal, making friends, moving out of a city / job, road trips, vacations to losing a friend or loved one, break ups, fights etc. Don’t just restrict your list to the happy moments include all the peaks and crests of your life which occurred in these 365 days. Include all the new things or habits you learned or you tried or made an effort. Collect the best moments, the selfies and pictures of 2014, all these are those memories which you have lived through in 2014 which will never return.

My list is as follows:

1. Learnt Salsa and Bachata

2. Trip Bangalore and made new friends

3. Trip to Mumbai and Hyderabad to meet old friends

4. New job offer which I could not convert, but still happy to qualify till the last round.

5. Trip to Kaas and made new friends for life.

6. Lots of studying and work 

7. Fights with friends and heart breaks

8. Blogging and having at least one article per month.

9. Mistakes from which I learnt lesson.

While going through this whole process you will realize what all you have gone through in 2014.These items listed for the year 2014 made you who you are till 31st Dec 2014.This is how you will enter 2015.

Just like each day, each minute you learn you improvise, you grow; this was your growth chart over the year 2014. When you are overwhelmed and satisfied by your list, save it. Keep it safely so that when tumble upon it in future, apart from glimpses of 2014 which resides in your heart and brain, you will have a complete walk-through of 2014 in your hand. You would appreciate this effort in future. It’s like re living your 2014 in a short span. And if you feel like sharing your 2014 walk-through with your loved ones then go ahead. This will not just make you happy it will also make others happy to know about your year. It might even inspire them to do something similar. They would be happy to know that even they had a role in your growth chart. And as said by all,” sharing increases your happiness and decreases your pain”. If you are not the ones who would share the list then call those people on the list that made you strong and thank them. You can forgive them, love them, hate them, thank them, be inspired by them or envy them, do it, because once 2014 are gone, next will be 2015 and you need to start fresh. After the clock strikes 12, it’s all past and you move forward. You move ahead with the new high, with the new motto, with a new inspiration. You leave the best and worst of 2014 in 2014 with the last second of 2014 strikes 12.

I have taken the pain to write the list and save it because I reckon, what we are is because of what we have been through, and which will never happen again. We are human beings with the quality of adaptation and improvising and learning. Each crest is an exemplar, and the lows are there so that we can relish the peaks in our life. On every crossroad the choices we opted for made the difference in our life and the people we met during the journey were equally influential and significant. These choices and people carved out our 2014. Thank them; appreciate all those moments, since it was a great 2014. For those for whom 2014 was not the best till date you should be happier comparatively, because you know the coming 2015 will be better than this and you will be best of 2014.

“With these last few days of 2014, I would like to thank Almighty, Family, Friends and Enemies for being there with me during the 2014. This is a small tribute for all of you. I am grateful to you for bearing with me, loving me, scolding me and inspiring me through this 2014 and I hope you would continue the same in 2015. 2014 will be incomplete without all this. ”

 “Being Hopeful” is the motto I am carrying forward in 2015 from my 2014 list. So, the list not only gave me memories it also gave me a motto to carry forward. In 2014, I learnt that being hopeful can push you through a rough year with a smile. You will be willing to try something new and learn something interesting. All the achievements which are yet to be achieved by me will be on the list of 2015 for sure. Some items to be ticked off from the bucket list in 2015. There is always time for everything; you just need to find it. I will be eager to find the good times.

This was my philosophy, what’s your? If you do not have, then find one for 2015. You never know what 2015 has in for you.

Adios 2014 and Cheers 2015