Imagine a room where you enter, you  find a blank open book and pen to write. You are to asked write whatever you want to. Give it a thought , what will you write. Going blank? Dont know what to write.Now consider the room as a person’s world where you enter & the book as the life of the person. Getting the analogy?

When you don’t know what to write (except a few pep[;e who always have something to say or learn or tell) then how do we become an epoch in ones life. The time spent with a person in his/her life, the interaction, the talks, every second makes our presence an episode .You might be the main character of that lesson or just characters who play their part, but some characters live through all the chapters and become crucial figures to build up an interesting book.

Now, since we are talking about life, life cannot be complete with twists and turns and bumps and drama. All these are written by either You or the Invitee in the room.

You are the author of the book.You start writing your own book. You write with your view point. You evolve while writing.And soon you realize its not just you who will complete the book. The book will be incomplete without others contribution. The others are to be decided by you. Its others who will  help you to finish the book.So you let people in.

Everyone has a way of writing. Some use flowery language, some use rustic language, some just write straight from heart and some just scribble. Twists and turns are caused by people who scribble in your book. Mostly we agree with the scribbling and let the twists and turns arrive.Some times we stop the person, obviously its your book , it all depends on how you allow people to write in it. Isnt it?

There are people who will try to tarnish your book. You would say, “Hah.. not possible, i wont allow it to happen” But trust me when i say, “The Devil was once an Angel.” These people come, they start with normal writings. Snippets initially and then the writings change. At first , you love these people. You believe them and hand over your book to them trusting them to be the angel but soon the whole scene changes. They create a whole aura of portraying that the whole book is written by them. They claim their ownership. When you retaliate they create blots in the book. They leave the book and the room. This is what forms the Drama and Bumps of the book.

Some people arrive and vanish while writing the book, that’s because they were never meant to be there. These people will make up the interesting part of your book. You might not perceive it now, but in the end when you read you will understand. These chapters are the sweet memoirs.

Then there are people who write poetry, who use flowery language, makes your book worth a read. Makes the characters alive and vital. These people are important. These are people whom you should keep till the end. Not because they wrote well,its because they know how to treat one’s book with respect and love. They made you and your book complete. They are fond of being a part of the book. These chapters become the essence of the book.

At the end, i mean when the book is about to complete,you will read it again. You will find all those chapters as your building blocks.

Remember, Try and create an interesting chapter in every ones life who cross your road. You never know, when these chapters can be lessons for a lifetime either for you or for anyone who reads the book.