Thunderstorm is a storm with thunder and lightning followed by rain. This is how we know thunderstorm. But have you ever given a thought that life also have its own thunderstorms. Some people who are philosophical may have related their or others life to it. Its just another analogy with nature. If you pay small attention, every minute detail of our life has a strikingly similar behavior with nature. Our folk tales gives us some similar analogies. The most famous analogy is of day and night. After every night there is a day. The most trending these days is from GOT (Games of Thrones) which says “Winter is Coming”, just another way to say that ‘hard times lies ahead.’

So thunderstorm is what i chose to write on. This feature of nature intrigues me because it has multiple faces. Every individual can interpret in a different way. I would provide you with mine. You may beg to differ but then its my viewpoint. Outline of my viewpoint is best said by Willa Cather, “There are some things you learn best in calm, and some in storm.


When something important happens in your life be it anything new college, new city, new job, losing a friend, new boyfriend/girlfriend or a breakup, fights in family, office tension, marriage issues, gf-bf issues and the list goes on.., all this makes up the thunder and lightning. Just like how you handle or face such situations would decide course of the life, similarly the amount of thunder and lightning decides the rain.

If the life event is a defining one, it might result in tears. Else, its all up to you how you want to end the storm. Tears of happiness or sadness. Tears of separation or union. Tears of heart break or finding love. They are like rain after the thunder and lightning. After the rain , there is a lull. All things seems at peace, as if things are at halt. Sometimes all this is expected and sometimes unexpected. After such events we see clearly. Just like nature showed us a small trailer of its anger or disappointment or frustration or excitement and now the whole environment is tranquil. Just the way we attain a composed level of mind after all the surge.If you are lucky you might even spot a rainbow. Rainbow being the symbol of hope and messenger of good times.  We take our time ,perceive the surroundings and start again. Because we fall we learn and we rise. Best thing about being human is, we are hopeful after each fall.


As said by Frank Lane ,”If you want to see the sunshine, you have to weather the storm.” We see the sunshine, if not the sunshine at least we stick to the hope of finding the sunshine.

These thunderstorms become lessons for us. We learn to survive. These storms tell us who are our near and dear. Who will stick to us in the rough times. Who all make you strong and who all weaken you.You might even find new people. You become aware of your own capabilities which you might have nor found or discovered till date. These storms inspire you, carve you out like sculpture, polish you like a diamond. Leave marks and lessons for lifetime.

Storms are not worthless, they should be welcomed, since they are here to give us a message. If you are not prepared its not your fault, you cannot have an appointment with storm when you are ready right ? Then there is no point . Let the storm arrive, live in the storm , live with the storm and learn from it. Don’t let the storm break you or harm you. Be human , be hopeful. Strive to withstand the storm.  I am still learning . Now i reckon i have accustomed myself to welcome storm with a smile because i know it will teach me something,,be it anything,may be the hard way.

Warm Welcome to the Thunderstorms.